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The Testing Process

Once the inventory was complete, the testing phase could begin. To alleviate the overload on the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab, the Crime Lab has contracted with private labs to test the sexual assault kits. All of the private labs that have been contracted with are accredited and are capable of testing high volumes of sexual assault kits. However, with over 64 SAKI sites across the country looking to test kits, the private labs have been innundated with requests for assistance. To manage the workload, the private labs have put caps on the number of sexual assault kits the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab can submit each month.

  • Number 1

    Law enforcement submits paperwork to Washington State Patrol Crime Lab (WSP CL)

  • Step 2

    Law enforcement ships sexual assault kits to private lab

  • Step 3

    DNA testing completed at private lab

  • Step 4

    Private lab submits reports to law enforcement and WSP CL; sexual assault kits are sent back to law enforcement

  • Step 5

    WSP CL conducts technical review of private lab's work

  • Step 6

    Eligible DNA profiles are uploaded to the Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS)

  • Step 7

    WSP CL notifies law enforcement of any matches in CODIS

If and when foreign DNA is found in a sexual assault kit or a perpetrator is identified through the FBI’s DNA database, the Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS), local law enforcement will be notified. As part of the SAKI grant, a team of experienced professional prosecutors and investigators has been assembled to offer support and assistance to their local counterparts if needed and requested.

For additional information on the testing process, please visit the Data and Results page.